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Welcome to your PG TRB ENGLISH TOPIC WISE TEST | 21-Arnold-Dover beach & The Scholar Gypsy & Study of Poetry

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1.Which philosopher has been mentioned in the poem "Dover Beach"?

2)What Sophocles had heard sitting on the shores of Aegean?

3.Which countries' name has been mentioned in the poem"Dover Beach"?

4.What does “The Sea of Faith symbolize”?

5. In Matthew Arnold’s poem “Dover Beach,” the speaker refers to the “melancholy, long, withdrawing roar” of “The Sea of Faith.” This reference alludes to which of the following ?

6.What time of day does the poem 'Dover beach' take place?

7.In the poem "Dover beach" The speaker is looking out at

8.In the poem Dover Beach Whom does the speaker address in the last stanza?

9.What has happened to the Sea of Faith?

10. Dover Beach is located on which country?

11. Mathew Arnold lived during which of the following years?

12.Complete the definition of Poetry as enunciated by Mathew Arnold in 'The Study of Poetry'? Poetry is . . . .

13.Arnold calls a certain poet” a beautiful but ineffectual angel, beating in the void his luminous wins in vain” Who is this poet?

14.Which poet is classic though the frailest of all our classics?

15.To Matthew Arnold, "___is a genuine source of joy and strength"

16.To Matthew Arnold, "______is the father of splendid English poetry"

17.According to Arnold, Man's immortal possession is

18.The touchstone method of Arnold is borrowed from

19.According to Arnold, The best form of poetry possesses seriousness and _____

20.To prove that Chaucer is not a classic, Arnold compares him to

21.'Thyrsis' and 'The Scholar Gipsy' are Matthew Arnold's:

22.The Scholar Gypsy joins the gypsy tribes in the ______ season

23.The scholar Gypsy was the student of ______ university

24.The Scholar Gypsy wanted to learn the gypsy lore for

25.It was the rumour that the shepherd had seen the scholar gypsy at a lonely alehouse in

26.The people had seen the Scholar gypsy on the Godstow Bridge in

27.The Scholar Gypsy was seen at the Thames by the people of Oxford at

28.The Scholar Gypsy gives ________to the dancing girls

29.In the Autumn, the scholar gypsy was seen on the outskirts of _______forest

30.The scholar gypsy sees_______at the end of the poem