PG TRB ENGLISH FREE ONLINE TEST-19Lamb-Essays of Elia&Christ hospital & The south sea house & Dream children & New year’s eve




Welcome to your PG TRB ENGLISH TEST TOPIC WISE – 19 Lamb-Essays of Elia&Christ hospital & The south sea house & Dream children & New year's eve

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1.Who called Lamb essayist par excellence?

2.In which of the following essays did Charles Lamb first use the pseudonym/persona, Elia?

3.Lamb started his career as A-

4.-”It is the man Charles Lamb the constitutes the charm of his written words” Who says this?

5.What is the first essay in Essays of Elia?

6.Who were the dream children of Lamb?

7.Robin redbreasts' refers to ______

8.grandma had been regarded as the best _______ in her youth.

9.He spent ______ years working as a clerk in the East India House

10.Dream children is notable for its

11.Who is Evans in the south sea house??

12.How many boys are in the christ hospital?

13.Who founded the Christ Hospital?

14.How many kinds of fruits are mentioned in Dream children?

15.Which river is described in the Dream Children?

16.Who was the real father of Dream children?

17.Lamb's grandma lived in a great house in _____

18.Which fruits are described as forbidden fruits in his essay by Lamb?

19.Who were the marble busts in the great house of Norfolk?

20.What is the word 'Sweet breasts' referred in South sea house essay?

21.Lamb spent _ with Coleridge in Christ Hospital

22.Lamb courted Alice winterton for

23.Lamb was shy of

24.Which essay alludes to the Gideon's Miracle?

25.James Boyer's Students are described as

26.Who was Lamb's patron?

27.Lamb worked in the south sea house before ___years

28.Who called Lamb as "My Gentle hearted of Charles"?

29. Old Dorrell cheated the Lamb family of what would have been to them a small fortune, about

30.When Lamb was five years old, he was suffered from