PG TRB ENGLISH FREE ONLINE TEST-17Immortality ode & Tintern abbey & Prelude book-1 &preface to lyrical ballads


PG TRB ENGLISH FREE ONLINE TEST-17-Immortality ode & Tintern abbey & Prelude book-1 &preface to lyrical ballads


Welcome to your PG TRB ENGLISH TOPIC WISE TEST-17 | Wordsworth – Immortality ode & Tintern abbey & Prelude book-1 &preface to lyrical ballads

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1.In the poem „Tintern Abbey‟, „dearest friend‟ refers to ?

2. When Wordsworth writes, 'Therefore let the moon / Shine on thee in thy solitary walk,' he is referring to…..

3. When Wordsworth visited Tintern Abbey, the site was….

4. Which are the main themes of 'Tintern Abbey'?

5. What caused Wordsworth to perform 'little, nameless, unremembered, acts / Of kindness and love'?

6. What calmed Wordsworth down in "Ode to Intimations of Immortality?"

7.The title of Wordsworth's Intimations Ode is……

8.Where does Wordsworth compare himself to an æolian harp?

9.Which is ‘the manifesto of English Romantic Movement’?

10.In the “Tintern Abbey” who is referred to as ‘the impassioned music of the verification’?

11. Which river-side is revisited by Wordsworth in his poem “Tintern Abbey”?

12. ‘The anchor of my purest thoughts, the nurse/ The Guide, the guardian of my heart, and soul/ Of all my moral being’ is the famous line of

13.Q. The Prelude by Wordsworth consists of:

14.Which is Wordsworth’s autobiographical poem?

15.The Epigraph of Immortality ode is taken from

16.According to Wordsworth _____ is not essential to poetry.

17.Wordsworth is against______.

18.Wordsworth gives much importance to the _____of the poetry.

19.According to Wordsworth, Poetry is superior to _______

20.In his preface to “Lyrical Ballads”, Wordsworth calls for poetry to be written in what kind of language?

21.Which movement did the poet of The Prelude belong to?

22.What is the form of The Prelude?

23.The subtitle of "The Prelude" is

24.Which of the following best describes the form of "Intimations of Immortality"?

25.What is the theme of this poem "Immortality ode"?

26.Which of these was not a "Lake poet"?

27.When was William Wordsworth appointed poet laureate?

28.”Nature never did betray, The heart that loved her.” is from

29.When Wordsworth began friendship with Coleridge?

30.Who called Wordsworth high priest of nature?