PG TRB ENGLISH FREE ONLINE TEST-16She stoops to conquer & My first Acquaintance with poets


PG TRB ENGLISH FREE ONLINE TEST-16 -She stoops to conquer & My first Acquaintance with poets


Welcome to your PG TRB ENGLISH TOPIC WISE TEST – 16 | 24-01-2022 | She stoops to conquer & My first Acquaintance with poets

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1. The well-educated and reserved character sets out to wed Kate is———.

2. Which description best describes Kate Hardcastle?

3. Who does George Hastings admire most in She Stoops to Conquer?

4. What relation is Tony to Kate in She Stoops to Conquer?

5. Who does Tony help escape the country?

6. Which item represents what Constance wants most?

7. Who is promised in Marriage to Constance Neville?

8. Who is a close friend of George Hastings?

9. Who does Mrs. Hardcastle hope Tony will marry?

10. Mr. Hardcastle worries too much about Kate because ——————-.

11. Constance's inheritance is —————.

12. Tony drinks with his friends in ————-.

13 What is Mrs. Hardcastle's complaint with her husband?

14. —————— is Marlow's reckless best friend and Constance's suitor.

15. When is the play She Stoops to Conquer first performed in London?

16. Which Minister was Hazlitt‟s father at Wem in Sropshire?

17. Whom did Coleridge came to succeed in the spiritual charge of the Unitarian Congregation?

18. Where did Coleridge deliver lectures?

19.When did Hazlitt visit Shrewsbury to listen to Coleridge‟s lectures?

20.Which psalm was being played when Hazlitt entered the church?

21. Which is the last phrase that Coleridge uttered at the end of lecture?

22.What was the volume of Coleridge‟s poems?

23.Which poem did Coleridge read aloud with the musical voice?

24. Where did Coleridge leave for?

25.When was „My First Acquaintance with Poets‟ first published in „The Lberal‟ magazine?

26.Coleridge took leave Hazlitt's house, so Hazlitt accompanied coleridge over _____ miles

27. When Hazlitt reached the preaching avenue the organ was playing __ Psalm.

28.Mackintosh was not a _____.

29.Mr.Coleridge received a letter form _______.

30. Where did Hazlitt‟s father study for university education?