PG TRB ENGLISH FREE ONLINE TEST-12-LifePilgrim’s progress


Welcome to your PG TRB ENGLISH TOPIC WISE TEST – 13 | 23-01-2022 | Pilgrim's progress

1. How John Bunyan wrote the Preface, in the form of _______

2.. What is the title of Bunyan‟s Autobiography?

3.What motivates him to leave his wife and children?

4. What was the proper name for Christian in the city of destruction?

5. Who Pulls Christian out of the „Slough of Respond‟?

6. After seeing the cross and the climbing the hill, Christian loses _______

7. A man is sitting with folded hand in a Iron cage-who is he ?

8. Where he saw the foul monster Appollyon?

9. Appollyon‟s skin is covered with __________

10. “Delectable Mountain” which belong to _______

11. Who is the God in „Vanity Fair‟?

12. Who is the stranger that Christian met in vanity fair?

13.In the Celestial city Christiana learns that she will go to meet her Master?

14.John Bunyan began writing "The pilgrim's Progress" when he was

15.Match the following 1. Pliable – (a)shows the path of God to Christian. ~~~~~ 2.Evangelist – (b)stops Christian from pursuing his path and hates change. ~~~~~ 3. Obstinate – (c) the prince of devils; creates the Vanity Fair, which is full of temptations. ~~~~~ 4.Beelzebub – (d) agrees to join Christian in his journey but easily changes his mind.

16.A handicapped pilgrim who joins Christiana’s group on crutches.

17.Choose the one which is not a character in The Pilgrim's Progress

18.Pilgrim's Progress is told in the form of

19.The Slough of Despond is

20.Who says the following: "Let a man have one of these blades, with a hand to wield it and skill to use it, and he may venture upon an angel with it. . . ."

21.Which of the following is not true of Bunyan's writing style?

22.Who of the following is not a shepherd on the Delectable Mountains?

23.Who says the following: "I love to be in such places where there is no rattling with coaches, nor rumbling with wheels."

24.Prudence, Piety, and Charity are

25.What do Christian’s neighbors think about his journey?

26.Christian is imprisoned at Vanity for

27.Beulah is

28.Which of these is NOT a place in the book?

29.Who was NOT one of the many characters in the book?

30.What do the shepherds give Christian and Hopeful?