PG TRB ENGLISH FREE ONLINE TEST-12-Life of milton and Tom jones


PG TRB ENGLISH FREE ONLINE TEST-12-Life of milton & Tom jones


Welcome to your PG TRB ENGLISH TOPIC WISE TEST – 12 | 22-01-2022 | Life of milton & Tom jones

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1.Johnson admires much Milton’s

2.Johnson criticizes ______ as “one of the books which the reader admires and lay down, and forgets to to take up again”

3.Johnson's Life Of Milton belongs to _____ criticism

4.'Diction is harsh, the rhyme uncertain' is remark about

5.Johnson has high praise of Milton's ______sonnet

6."Lives of poets' begins with the account of

7.The private tutor of Milton was

8.The inscription in tomb of Milton was written by__"to the author of Paradise Lost author"

9.Milton earned ________a year when he was a Latin secretory

10.Milton delighted in the exercise of

11.who said "Our Language Sunk Under him(Milton)?

12.Dr.Johnson's Lives of Poets Contains _________ poets

13.Milton sold Paradise Lost in 1667 to Samuel Simmons for

14.Preface to Shakespeare is written by

15. ________ is intimately connected with Milton's loss of sight

16.Nightingale is a character in

17.who is Tom's mother?

18.Captain Bilfil died of

19.Fitzpatrick is a/an

20.What does Tom sell to Blifil in order to give money to Black George?

21.From whom does Allworthy receive a letter that clears Tom from blame?

22.Who tries to obstruct Nightingale's marriage to Nancy?

23.Who is initially believed to be Tom's mother?

24.Who marries Bridget Allworthy after a formal courtship?

25.What is the condition of Allworthy when novel opens?

25.Allworthy returned from

26.What is the name of Tom's first love?

27.Who was the teacher of Tom and Master Blifil?

28.To Whom is the novel Tom Jones dedicated?

29.Who is Little Benjamin?

30.Who is Molly seagrim's father?