Welcome to your 6th History English Medium

Find the odd one:

Which one is incorrect?

The term History has been derived from the Greek word ___

………….. is the study of inscriptions..

Dhamma is a ___word

Statement: Ashoka was the first ruler to give up war after victory. Reason: He was upset and grief-stricken at the sight of the war.

Statement: Archaeological sources help to know about the early man. Find out which of the following is related to the statement.

Find out the wrong pair

Find the odd one.

According to Prof.George L.Hart Tanial is as old as ……………

The epic character from Silappathikaram

……… is the port of Pandvas.

Assertion (A) : The Kalabhra period is not a dark age. Reason (R) : It is known about the literary sources, new script and flourishing of trade and commerce.

Which of the following statements are not true? (1) Pandyas garlanded Fig (Athi) flower. (2) The deity of the kurinji people is Indiran. (3) The author of ‘Natural History’ is Pliny the younger

Who was the last Sunga ruler?

Who wrote Brihastkatha?

How many years did the Satavahanas rule the Deccan?

The Chinese Buddhist monk and traveller who wrote si-yu-ki

During the Sunga period stone was replaced by railings.

Assertion (A): The Greek rulers of Bactria and Parthia started encroaching into the northwestern borderlands of India. Reason (R): There was a decline in the Mauryan empire.

Which one is incorrect?

Which one is Wrong from the statements of Kanishka?

I was known as Devanampiya. I embraced the path of peace – Who am I?

Kosala, one of the Mahajanapadas belonged to

The horror of the Kalinga war was described in the Rock Edict ………

Which statement is incorrect?

Statement (A) : Magadha’s gradual rise to political supremacy began with Bimbisara. Reason (R) : Bimbisara extended the territory by conquests and matrimonial alliances.

Samanar Malai in Keelakuyilkudi is 15km away from ………………

….represents the Buddhist view of the world.

Asteya means

Statement: The sixth century B.C is a landmark period in the intellectual and spiritual development in India. Reason: The exploitative practices that paved way for awakening.

Vardhaman means ……

At the age of 29, Siddhartha saw ___ sorrowful sights.

The main source of wealth in the Rig Vedic period was ___

Vishayapati was the head of a ______

Within the early Vedic Society there were …………… divisions

The word ‘anthropology’ is derived from two …………….. words.

Find out the wrong pair

Which one is correct?

Find out the right pair

Tanzania is situated in the continent of ________.

Which metal was unknown to the Indus people?

The headquarters of the Archaeological Survey of India is located in …………

The dancing girl statue was made out of

The word ‘civilization’ comes from the ancient Latin word ‘civis’ which means

The first metal discovered and used by humans was ……………

Which of the following statements is true

The Archaeological Survey of India was started in ………

Indus Civilisation belonged to.

Kailasanathar temple was built by …………….