TNTET English Paper I and II 2022 |English Test-5 [paid Batch]


TN TET ENGLISH PAPER-1 AND 2 | Revision Test 5

Welcome to your TN TET ENGLISH – 05 [Paid Batch]

வாட்சப் எண்
1.Grammar should be taught by

2. There are 44 sounds in English. Out of these, how many sounds are vowels and how many are consonants respectively?

3. Which one of the following is not true about the status of English language across the world?

4. The study of words and their meanings is known as

5. Etymology is:

6. A word gets its meaning:

7. The first-generation learners are those who are:

8.Good paragraph writing in English involves:

9. Children can best learn a language when they having

10.which can be placed after “soft” ?

11.School life is an enjoyable one. So you must have a friendly relationship with your classmates.(Replace with phrasal verbs)

12.“His words are pearls of wisdom.” The figure of speech used here is …….

13. They will wash the car,……………(Fill in the blanks with suitable tags)

14.The common expansion of GATE is:

15. Choose the right combination for the blended word ‘interpol’.

16.Where is the designation of the issuing authority written?

17. He met ………….. European in Mahabalipuram last week

18.What is the time ………….. your watch?

19.When I reached the station, the train ………. Already.

20.We use ……… between the clauses.

21.A quick gathering of information from the text is known as ………

22.The letter ‘r’ is pronounced when followed by a ………

23. Find the correct spelling – identify the word.

24. The Headmaster organized a tour to Ooty. Identify the pattern of this sentence.

25. The play ‘The Tempest ’ is written by

26. Chose the correct meaning for the given idiom: He was an old hand at the work

27. Fill in the blanks choosing the correct word

The cry of a duck is, ‘quack’. The cry of a frog is …………. 

28. The ……… movement of the eye is called regression.

29. ‘Writing of informal letter’ is introduced in class ………..

30. The Rabbit pulled a ______ out of his pocket.

31. The main verbs take …….. forms/ inflections

32.. What is the most important element for getting education?

33.Read the following sentences and rewrite them into passive voice. Choose the right answer from the given alternatives:

She will have taken her lunch. 

34. Read the dialogues and choose the most appropriate options to complete the dialogues.

Maria : —————
Jenny : Why not find another laundry?
Maria : I have already done that, but nothing changed.
Jenny: Then, you should try washing them yourself. That might help.

35.Which of these is not the correct mode for sending letters? 39. Against each number a choice of four words marked A,B,C,D is given, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Choose the correct answer.

One of the hardest skills in a foreign language (36) telling an interesting story or anecdote. Learner of English often feel left out when socializing (37) groups of native speakers and everyone else is (38) stories expect them. It is a good skill to learn. Everyone likes to listen to stories and a good storyteller quickly becomes the centre of any group. And talking about your experience is one of the (39) ways to build up a relationship with someone.





40. China is more thickly populated than India. Choose the positive degree for the given statement.

41. They will miss the train unless they hurry. ( Rewrite using ‘if’)

42. ABL method helps the learners to ……….

43. ‘Each’ is a ……..… pronoun.

44. Sounds that do not produce vibration of vocal cords are called ……….

45. A supplementary reader is meant for …………

46. The diminutive from of root is ‘rootlet’. The diminutive from of goes is ………

47. Correct word for the phonetic transcription /G3:l/ is

48. Complete the sentence by choosing an appropriate word.

Old people sometimes feel that young people don’t ___ them or pay them enough respect.

49. Choose the right question to get the italicized part as the answer:

The children are sitting in the garden.

50. Find the word that is pronounced differently from others:

I. blood II. moon III. Soon IV. Mood