TNTET English Paper I and II 2022 |English Test-4 [paid Batch]


TN TET ENGLISH PAPER-1 AND 2 | Revision Test 4

Welcome to your TN TET ENGLISH – 04 [Paid Batch]

1. Which of the words given below can be placed before 'land' to form a compound word?

2.Add a suffix to the word .The head master made announce…

3.You must keep some money for future (Replace with phrasal verbs)

4. This shoe is large. (Identify the pattern)

5. What is the singular form of the word days?

6. Did you ————— my pen?

7.He hurt himself. Here ‘Himself’ is a ————- pronoun.

8.We————to college at 9 ‘o’ clock.

9.They saw a ————– of lions.

10.In which of the combination the letter ‘h’ is pronounced?

11. Choose the generic term of “Forks, knives and spoons”

12 Parenthesis are ……..

13. A paragraph of a passage should be ……….

14. Body language is considered as vehicle of communication along with voice and pitch. If one leans forward it is interpreted as.

15. Which is the “longest pause”?

16. The phrase “Visually Challenged” is used as ……….

17. We must lock the doors,…………….(Fill in the blanks with suitable tags)

18.The common expansion of FERA is:

19. Grandfather felt planting trees would help the forest because ……………

20.Which of the following is NOT a part of the Notice issued for ‘Found’

21. The Subject Of Letter To Editor Should Be _____?

22.Read the following sentences and rewrite them into passive voice. Choose the right answer from the given alternatives:

 I will surely help you. 

23. Teaching is a profession of ……………… .

24. Read the dialogues and choose the most appropriate options to complete the dialogues.

Doctor :Take this medicine for a week and you’ll start to feel better.
Patient —————
Doctor : Are you sure? It’s the best on the market.
Patient : Yes I am. Can you please prescribe another one?

25. My favorite flower is ……. Rose.

26. A verb which does not take an object is ……..

27. If I ……. A fish, I would swim.

28. He received blow …….. blow.

29. Pick out from the following sentence the exact opposite of “ the street was crowded”

30. Pick out the correct sentence:

Q.No. 31 to 40. Read the passage given below and choose the best answer for each of the questions that follow:

What writers struggle to express through numerous columns, cartoon in a pointed one – liner. Little wonder then, that the first think most of us like to see when we pick up a newspaper is the cartoon. Simple though it may seem, making a cartoon is an art that requires a combination of hard work, training and a good sense of humour. Cartoonist say that the cartoons that make us laugh the most are in fact the cartoons that are hardest to make. Even celebrated cartoonists like R.K.Laxman admit that making a cartoon is not a piece of cake. Laxman says he has to wait for over six hours, which includes spending a lot of time scanning newspapers and television channels before any idea strikes him. How does one become a cartoonist? There are few colleges or schools for cartoonists. Established cartoonists are of the view that no institute can teach you to make a CARTOON. While basics, like drawing and sketching can be learnt in an art college, these alone will not make a good cartoonist.

31. what is the typical quality of a cartoon?

32. The greatest difficulty cartoonists face is

33. What are considered as the basic qualities to become a good cartoonist?

34. who are the ones who hold the view that no institute can teach you make a cartoon?

35. The major source of ideas for a cartoonist is ………..

36. ‘Little wonder’ means ………….

37. Pick out the word from the passage that means, ‘two or more things joined together to form a single unit’.

38. find out the odd word from the ones given below

39. Pick out the sentence that is similar in meaning to, “There are few colleges or schools for cartoonists”.

40. Identify the sentence that is similar in meaning to, “ These alone will not make a good cartoonist”

41. which among of the following is not associated with a “word”?

42. Which of the following sets of words has more than one category of words in it?

43. When you read something quickly in order to find the main points you call it.

44. Pick out the correct pronunciation of the word italicized in the following sentence.

The sport has a strict code of conduct.

45. The number of syllables in the word ‘Excitement’ is

46. Birds perch very high so that …………….

47.In 394 BC, the _______ stopped the Greek Olympic Games, because they didn’t like them.

48. In the following question, the passage consists of six sentences. The first and last sentences are given in the beginning. The middle four sentences are jumbled up as P,Q,R and S. sequence the sentences properly choosing the right option:

S1 –There was no limit to insanitation
S6 – I asked for a broom to clean them myself.
P- There were only few larines.
Q- They refused point- blank to clean them.
R- Pools of water were everywhere.
S- I pointed it out to the volunteers.

49. What does ‘The world is a stage” mean?

50. Severn Suzuki condemns the people of her country for ……………………