generally, always, regularly, everyday(V1) -play/plays

Subject Singular -v+s
I play cricket everyday
He plays cricket regularly
I___(work) regularly
He____(go) to school everyday
yesterday, last week, last year(V2) -playedI played cricket yesterdayI___(work) yesterday
He___(go) to school last week
tomorrow, next week, next year(will/shall+V1)
will play/shall play
I will play tomorrowI___(work) tomorrow
He__(go) to school tomorrow
at present, now(am/is/are+v+ing)
am playing/is playing/are playing
I am playing now
He is playing now
They are playing now
He__(go) to school at present
while, when(was/were+v+ing)
was playing/were playing
While I was playing cricket, I saw a snakeWhen I___(work) , I met him
While he__(go) to school, he fell down
by this time tomorrow(will be/shall be v+ing)
will be playing/ shall be playing
I will be playing by this time tomorrowI___(work) by this time tomorrow
He__(go) to school by this time tomorrow
just now(have/has +v3)
have played/has played
I have played
He has played
I___(work) just now
He__(go) to school just now
already, before, after(had+v3)
had played
After I had finished my work, I went to bedI___(work) already
He__(go) to school after the function
since, for(have been/has been v+ing)
have been playing/has been playing
I have been playing for three hours
He has been playing since 1990
I___(work) for three days
He__(go) to school since 1980
by next year(will have been+v3)
will have been played
By next year we will have been playing cricketI___(work) by next year
He__(go) to school by next year