List of Instruments and its Uses-Tnpsc Notes


💥List of Instruments & its Uses:-

🌟 Altimeter:- Measures altitudes.

🌟 Ammeter:- Measures electric current.

🌟 Anemometer:- Measures force and velocity of wind and directions.

🌟 Audiometer:- Measures intensity of sound.

🌟 Barograph:- Continuous recording of atmospheric pressure.

🌟 Barometer:- Measures atmospheric pressure.

🌟 Binoculars:- To view distant objects.

🌟 Bolometer:- To measure heat radiation.

🌟 Callipers:- Measure inner & outer diameters of bodies

🌟 Calorimeter:- Measures quantities of heat

🌟 Cathetometer:- Determine heights, measurements of levels, etc. in scientific experiments.

🌟 Chronometer:- Determines longitude of a vessel at sea

🌟 Colorimeter:- Compares intensity of colours.

🌟 Commutator:- To change the direction of electrica current.

🌟 Cryometer:- A type of thermometer used to measure very low temperature, usually close to 0° C.

🌟 Dilatometer:- Measures changes in volume substance.

🌟 Dynamo:- Converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.

🌟 Dynamometer:- Measures electrical power.

🌟 Fathometer:- Measures depth of ocean.

🌟 Fluxmeter:- Measures magnetic flux.

🌟 Galvanometer:- Measures electric current.

🌟 Hydrometer:- Measures relative density of liquids.

🌟 Hygrometer:- Measures level of humidity.

🌟 Hydrophone:- Measures sound under water.

🌟 Hypsometer:- To determine boiling point of liquids.

🌟 Hygroscope:- Shows the changes in atmospheric humidity.

🌟 Machmeter:- Determines the speed of an aircraft in terms of the speed of sound.

🌟 Manometer:- Measures the pressure of gases.

🌟 Micrometer:- Measures distances/ angles.

🌟 Nephelometer:- Measures turbidity.

🌟 Odometer:- Measure distance travelled by vehicle.

🌟 Periscope:- To view objects above sea level.

🌟 Pyrometer:- Measures very high temperature.

🌟 Refractometer:- Measures refractive indices.

🌟 Salinometer:- Determine salinity of solutions.

🌟 Sonar:- Used to detect objects under water.

🌟 Stereoscope:- To view two-dimensional picture.

🌟 Tacheometer:- A theodolite adopted to measure distances, elevations and bearing during survey.

🌟 Udometer, Pluviometer, Ombrometer, hyetometer :- Rain gauge

🌟 Venturimeter:- To measure rate of flow of liquids.

🌟 Viscometer:- Measures viscosity of liquids.