PGTRB ENGLISH Quiz On Chaucer and Prologue to the Canterbury tales pdf

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Quiz On Chaucer and Prologue to the Canterbury tales

1) Who introduced the heroic couplet into English?
Ans: Chaucer (in the Legend of Good Women)
2)Who wrote the Book of Duchess?
Ans: Chaucer
3) Who is referred to as ‘fusion tunic’?
Ans: Knight
4) Madame Eglantine also known as?
Ans: Prioress
5) Father of English poetry is?
Ans: Chaucer
6) Whose name is Huberd?
Ans: Friar
7)      Who is described as ‘Epicurus Son’?
Ans: Franklin
8)      During Chaucer’s period medicine was connected with
Ans: Astronomy
9)      Who called Chaucer as the father of English Poetry?
Ans: Dryden
10)  How many Pilgrims are there in Canterbury Tales?
Ans: 30 (including Chaucer)
11)  Which is the first in Canterbury Tales?
Ans: The Knight’s Tale
12)  The Pilgrims went for a pilgrimage to Canterbury in the month of
Ans: April
13)  29 Pilgrims came to Tabard Inn at
Ans: Early in the morning
14)  How many battle were fought by knight?
Ans: 15
15)  What is the name of the nun?
Ans: Madame Eglantine
16)  The Nun speaks _____ fluently
Ans: French
17)  The young Squire who appears in the Canterbury Tales is the son of _______
Ans: The Knight
18)  The Yeoman attended on or served whom?
Ans: The Knight
19)  Who is fond of hunting?
Ans: The Monk
20)  A sailor appears in the prologue to Canterbury Tale. The sailor ship name was
Ans: Maudelayne
21)  Who was deaf among the following?
Ans: Wife of Bath
22)  How many times Wife of bath married?
Ans: 5 times
23)  How many times Wife of bath went to Jerusalem?
Ans: 3 times
24)  Which are the tales in “Canterbury Tales” were written in Prose?
Ans: The Parson’s Tale and Melibus Tale
25)  What are the tales told by Chaucer?
Ans: The Tale of Sir Thopas and The Tale of Melibee
26)  Which is the longest tale?
Ans: Parson’s Tale
27)  The Shortest tale is?
Ans: Yeoman ????
28)  Who was Parson’s brother?
Ans: Plowman
29)  Who always rode last in the group of pilgrims?
Ans: Reeve (He is a Carpenter)
30)  The pilgrims Stayed at
Ans: Tabard Inn
31)  The host asked the pilgrims to tell ____ stories when they go to Canterbury
Ans: Two
32)  Who proposed that every pilgrim should tell two stories?
Ans: The Host
33)  Who opposed the proposal of the Host?
Ans: No one
34)  The Pilgrims started their pilgrimage at
Ans: Morning
35)  “Therefore he loved Gold in special”. The word ‘he’ refers to whom?
Ans: The Doctor
36)  Number of pilgrims including the narration or in the prologue conterbury tales are
Ans: 30
37)  How many completed tales are there in the Canterbury Tales?
Ans: 24
38)  What type of Dialect Chaucer used in his work?
Ans: East Midland Dialect
39)  Why are the pilgrims going to Canterbury?
Ans: To worship the relics of Saint Thomas Becket
40)  What does the Squire wear?
Ans: Cloth embroidered with flowers
41)  Who marries Emelye in the Knight’s Tale?
Ans: Palamon
42)  According to the Wife of Bath, what do women most desire?
Ans: Sovereignty over their husbands
43)  What does Chanticleer dream?
Ans: That he will be taken away by an orange, houndlike creature
44)  Who are the three men searching for in the Pardoner’s Tale?
Ans: Death
45)  Who is branded by a red-hot poker in the Miller’s Tale?
Ans: Nicholas
46)  Who gives the brand to the Nicholas?
Ans: Absolon
47)  Which of the following tales is a fabliau?
Ans: The Miller’s Tale
48)  Which pilgrim has a forked beard?
Ans: The Merchant
49)  What is the moral of the Nun’s Priest’s Tale?
Ans: Never trust a flatterer.
50)  What is the Wife of Bath’s Prologue about?
Ans: Her life with her five different husbands
51)  When does The Canterbury Tales take place?
Ans: In the late fourteenth century
52)  For which social classes did Chaucer write?
Ans: All levels of society
53)  What was Chaucer’s profession?
Ans: Civil servant
54)  How many Canterbury Tales are there?
Ans: 24
55)  What is a romance?
Ans: A story of knights, ladies, quests, and love
56)  Which tale qualifies as part of a medieval sermon?
Ans: The Pardoner’s Tale
57)  Which pilgrims are most richly attired?
Ans: Wife of Bath, Squire, Monk, Physician, Franklin
58)  Which tales take place in the Orient?
Ans: The Man of Law’s Tale and the Squire’s Tale
59)  Which pilgrim carries a brooch inscribed with Latin words meaning “Love Conquers All”?
Ans: The Prioress
60)  At what time of year does the pilgrimage take place?
Ans: In the height of spring
61)  Which characters are connected to the Church?
Ans: The Prioress, the Monk, the Friar, the Summoner, and the Pardoner
62)  Which tale is about a talking falcon?
Ans: The Squire’s Tale
63)  Which tales are about the patient suffering of women?
Ans: The Man of Law’s Tale (Exile of Custance), the Clerk’s Tale (Ordeal of Griselda), and the Physician’s Tale (Mercy killing of Virginia)
64)  Why does the Pardoner upset the Host?
Ans: The Pardoner tries to sell indulgences to the pilgrims, after he has already told them that he cheats people.
65)  In which year Chaucer wrote Canterbury Tales?
Ans: 1387 to 1400
66)  Who did Arcite who won the fight with Palamon die?
Ans: He fell from the Horse Riding
67)  Who imprisoned Arcite and Palamon?
Ans: Theseus, the duke of Athens
68)  The characters John and Alayn appear in the story of _______
Ans: The Reeve’s Tale
69)  The Perkyn who drinks heavily and stays with his friend’s house and his wife who is a prostitute appears in the tale of _________
Ans: The Cook’s Tales
70)  Who had Ulcer on his face?
Ans: The Cook
71)  The conversion of muslims to chrisitians takes place in the story of _________
Ans: The Man of Law’s Tale.
72)  What is the name of the mother of Sultan who is killed by her Sultan in the tale of the man of Law?
Ans: Hermengyld
73)  What is the name of the mother of Alla, the King of Northumberland who is killed by her son Alla?
Ans: Donegild
74)  Who is the son born to All and Custance?
Ans: Mauricius
75)  How many lines the prologue of Canterbury Tales has?
Ans: 858 lines
76)  Which are the unfinished Tales of Canterbury Tales?
Ans: The Cook’s Tale and Squire’s Tale
77)  Who is Mrs. Sweetbriar?
Ans: Madame Eglantine
78)  The clerk of oxford had twenty books which were written by ________
Ans: Aristotle
79)  Who says of Chaucer “Here is God’s Plenty”?
Ans: Dryden
80)  Who criticizes Canterbury Tales as Portrait Gallary?
Ans: Dryden
81)  Who says of Chaucer, “He must have been a man of most wonderful comprehensive soul?
Ans: Dryden
82)  Who called Chaucer as the father of English poetry?
Ans: Dryden
83)  Who called Chaucer as the father of our splendid English Poetry?
Ans: Matthew Arnold
84)  Who called Chaucer as a perpetual fountain of good sense?
Ans: Matthew Arnold
85)  Who says of Chaucer, “He will be read far more generally than he is read now”
Ans: Matthew Arnold
86)  Who said that Chaucer lacks high seriousness?
Ans: Matthew Arnold